Spices — much more than just flavoring 



more than just yummy

  • Contains high quality spices and an incredible, super healthy ingredient — nutritional yeast
  • Rich in turmeric; formulated to maximize turmeric's absorption and deliver its most appealing flavor and scent notes
  • Excellent source of B12; We all  —  especially vegans and vegetarians — need a reliable sources of this vitamin
  • Free of salt, gluten, GMO, MSG and all the major allergens

sprinkle a little magic

  • Supercharges any dish, making every food a delicious superfood
  • Magically elevates your cooking: This single addition will make you a kitchen genius, and your dishes insanely better
  • Transforms roasted vegetables — anything roasted, really
  • Broth replacement — use in soups, grains, sauces, marinades; add to any dish, use as a rub, sprinkle as finishing touch
  • Delivers color, umami, depth and health
  • Eliminates waste; no more spices growing old in a dark drawer
Dr. Ayala's Magic Spice, Original
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Dr. Ayala's Magic Spice, Spicy
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