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Ayala's Magic Spice is an all-natural healthy and tasty addition to foods. It's a taste booster and will enhance your cooking in an instant

Cook with it: Add it by the spoonful to soups, grain dishes (rice, quinoa etc.), grilled vegetables or proteins, salads, marinades, and practically any dish that can use more depth, umami and flavor. Think of it as the vegan answer to bone broth. Sprinkle it: It's a great finishing spice; sprinkle on prepared dishes, salads, cereal or yogurt -- in the same way you'd correct flavor with fresh ground pepper or salt. You'll find that most dishes need much less salt when you use Magic Spice!

Recipes — PULSES

Curried Lentils With Carrots and Celery

Curried Lentils With Carrots and Celery








All lentils are very healthy and should be part of your weekly eating plan. I’m partial to French and black lentils because they don’t get mushy even if they’re overcooked a bit, and this dish makes them luxuriously delicious.

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